BOAT MAINTENANCE       Necessary repairs to boats and trailers are performed as needed and preventive maintenance is a continuous project.  Off-season maintenance is performed on all boats during the months of December through February to ensure the fleets are ready for the season ahead.

YARD MAINTENANCE      ESA maintains storage facilities at Indian Mound Park and a site on Spruce Street in Englewood.  Lawn mowing, weed eating and management of insect infestations is performed on a regular basis.

PREP AND CLEANUP       Each sailing day presents opportunities to tow Safety Boats to Indian Mound Park from our Spruce Street storage facility as well as flushing motors at the end of each day's activities.

INDIAN MOUND PARK WORKDAYS      The Friends of Indian Mound Park in conjunction with Sarasota County Parks & Recreation System hold regular park cleanup days.  ESA, being a good neighbor, participates in these scheduled clean up days.

EVENTS COMMITTEE       Members can choose to participate in Events Committee or a sub-committee thereof to assist the ESA Board with the planning and implementation of ESA functions.   Included are semi-annual membership meetings, fundraising activities and other membership events.

FUND RAISING      As a 501c3 non-profit organization, we rely heavily on fundraising to aid us in the acquisition of additional boats as well as to fund routine maintenance to our fleets and storage areas,  Members are encouraged to get involved in these activities.  One area in immediate need of volunteers is our Banner Campaign.  See SPONSORSHIP button for more information.

GRANT WRITING      Grants are an important component of our fund raising efforts.  Expertise in grant writing is welcome as well as knowledge of local or national organizations that can potentially provide funding to support our programs.

PUBLIC RELATIONS     Members with writing skills are encouraged to get involved with maintaining a constant and consistent presence in our local publications.

Volunteers must be members of the Englewood Sailing Association, Inc.  Our annual family membership fee is $25.  Those volunteers wishing to assist with youth sailing activities must consent to a background check.  First Aid and CPR certification is available to members through the Englewood Family YMCA.  It is  required of those volunteers directly involved in instruction or Safety Boat functions.

SHORE CREW       All sailing days require experienced shore crew to help with rigging, launching and recovery. 

CLASS ADMINISTRATION       All class days require volunteers to monitor sign in and out sheets for the participants, assuring that a contact number for the day is provided.  This also involves making sure that the required medical and waiver forms have been received at the start of each series.

SAFETY BOAT CAPTAIN/CREW       All Safety Boat Captains are required to pass the Florida Safe Boating Course.  This course is available online at:

BOARD MEMBERS    ESA Bylaws specify a 9-member Board of Directors made up of an elected President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, four elected board members and the immediate past president.  Elections are held annually at the June semi-annual membership meeting.  All positions are 1-year terms subject to re-election.  All members are encouraged to run for an office and/or the board positions.

Volunteer Opportunities 

Sailing at Indian Mound Park 

ESA is a 100% Volunteer Organization

US SAILING CERTIFIED INSTRUCTORS    The Englewood Sailing Association currently has 10 US Sailing Certified Instructors and maintains the highest ratio of instructors and volunteers in a youth sailing program in SW Florida.  Experienced sailors are invited to become a certified instructor.  Info is available at